Time To Get Montreal

I might sound biased as I say this, but I guarentee you, if I was an American, an Australian, or a Brazilian, I would still be saying this.

With rumours swirling that A1GP wants to grab a race at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal next year (if they last that long), now is the time the IRL needs to get on the phone and work out a deal to get into Montreal for 2010.

This track brings in plenty of fans every year and even during the CC years, the track was well attended and these fans love their open wheel racing. I guarentee that if the IRL gets to Montreal, they will fill that place up with the lack of F1. And if we let A1Gp get into that track before we do, chances are we lose Montreal for a long time, which we can't let happen.

Before you all go saying, "Canada doesn't need another IRL race", who cares about how many races Canada has. This is a North-American series. You look at Watkins Glen and you see the crowd filled with Canadians. You have to understand that a large percentage of IRL fans are Canadians. On top of that, a race at CGV is a good race. The race would be on TV, and what a race it would be. That track always produces great sightlines and good racing. It would translate to television very well and viewers everywhere would enjoy watching this race.

In this time, we need to put races on TV that people want to watch as well as races that bring in the fans, and I know, and the IRL would be stupid if they didn't know Montreal can do that.

And once A1Gp gets in there, that fills up the CGV schedule as they are only allowed so many weekends per year. With A1GP there, they would fill the place up with the similarity to F1 in cars. But the thing that would really fill the place up would be the French A1Gp car for the French supporters and the Canadian A1GP for the Canadian supporters. If they get into CGV, we won't see that place until A1GP dies.

So please, TG or BB, make it happen. Be smart and show some balls and pick up the phone and find a promoter. Ask Tony Cotman, he knows how important that race would be.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to pass on another new race, especially in Canada, until Cleveland is back on the schedule. I may be bitter, native to the Cleveland area, but it is a traditional AOW track that needs to be on the schedule!

Anonymous said...

I am not saying that I don't want Cleveland, I feel there are quite a few tracks that should be added in 2010. Check out my proposed future schedule here http://aowrtheotherside.blogspot.com/2009/02/ugh-how-much-longer.html

Anonymous said...

I know that's not what you're saying, but until the more traditional tracks are back on the schedule, I don't think that we should be walking about adding new venues.

Matt Chamois said...

Well, personally, I don't think we need to worry about anyone stealing Cleveland or Road America away from us. A1GP is not talking to either of those circuits about taking a race weekend. I wrote this article, not because I think we need it more then any other circuit, I think we need it because if we don't get it now, we may never get it. Cleveland on the other hand is different since I doubt we will ever lose it to another series.

Anonymous said...

I agree with bmnehls that Cleveland needs to be back in IndyCar and hopefully 2010 Cleveland makes it return since it's a kick-ass track plus any fool that says Cleveland shouldn't be on the schedule should throw themselves in the dumpster.
As for Montreal I'd say bring it on or why not go to Mont-Tremblant. The Quebec market place is sying for Open Wheel Racing and if IndyCar was smart enough they should bring there show to the Bell Province Of Quebec and it would be a smash hit if marketed correctly plus Tags and PT been in the field would help alot

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