I Don't Like Danica Patrick

I went on Twitter today and asked for some advice about what to write. I was told that there is always something new with Danica Patrick, which spurred my creative juices. So I figured, "Hell, I can write a rant about Danica Patrick, and enjoy myself while doing so".

I don't like the fact that Danica gets paraded around as the IRL show girl. Luckily, it has declined a bit this year, but, I still find it terribly annoying that a driver who won 1 race in 5 years (74 starts) is the face of the IRL. Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck with this situation as she is the biggest name we have, since we can't seem to produce stars to carry the series. I guess we need multiple American Women to get even more popularity for our drivers.

The fact that she is creating headlines simply by showing up in Nascab shops is annoying as hell, and the fact she is eating it up in the media by waiting it out until the end of the season to announce her future plans.

I have nothing against women in racing, in fact I think it's a positive to see both men and women competing together, but it bothers me when I see Danica being treated differently then the rest of the boys. She keeps saying she just wants to be one of the boys, and just be another driver, but then she throws herself on the cover of Sports Illustrated in less clothes then Pamela Anderson usually wears.

Problem is, if she leaves, the IRL is relatively screwed. If ratings drop, which they most likely will unfortunately, if she leaves, it will be twice as hard to grow and develop new faces for American fans to grab a hold of as their own. To grow stars, we need people watching when Ryan Hunter-Reay beats the big dogs again and steps on top of the podium, or when Graham Rahal and Justin Wilson battle it out in the late laps in a historic Indycar race. If no one is watching, then no one cares how great these battles and drivers are.

Unfortunately, as much as I dislike Danica, I realize the need we have for her in the league. I guess if people hate Paul Tracy while agreeing he would be an asset, Danica could be put in the same boat unfortunately. Maybe Danica pushes some of the same buttons PT pushes with fans, some people love them, some people don't, but either way, they are both huge news makers when they are driving, or talking about driving, or pushing someone on TV in pitlane.

If Danica leaves, it's a huge blow, but that won't stop me from hating seeing her do well. I guess I know how all these PT hater's feel.


Damon said...

Want some cheese with that whine?

Anonymous said...

The better Danica does the better the series does, when she wins the 500 you'll see. Although you might be at the front of the conspiracy line.

Anonymous said...

There is no ICS without Danica. And I'm not joking, even a little.

Erin said...

Look sucker,she can't help how much attention she gets.And there is no more ICS without Danica,plus shes A DAMN good driver,Milka and Sarah suckkk.

Anonymous said...

Well said Erin! I'm so sick of all the whiners about Danica - its not like she puts out a presser that she is visiting Tony's team. I'd also like to remind folks that you have to be INVITED to be in SI's swimsuit issue and in the wider community, it is thought to be an honor! Geez guys, GET OVER IT!

Anonymous said...

WAHHHHHHHH Chicks in racing make this guys man jewels shrink even smaller. Yeah you were right... Write about Danica & get a few hits, Just try a fresh rant next time :idea:

Kohl said...

If it makes you feel better I agree Matt. She is over rated as a driver but she does bring in a lot of fans.

Hastings said...

The problem is that her results are not consistent, and that makes her mediochre, but she IS the best female racer who competes in a man's world and she's pretty and fiery enough to stand out amidst boring men and get sponsors and awareness from the nonracing audience.
So salute with respect and wait until Simona di Silvestro comes and sweeps the track just by beeing a good racer amongst the boys.

Paul Dalbey said...

So let me see if I really understand this. You don't like her because she gets attention and hasn't produced proven results. Yet you will hate to see her do well because you don't like her? You're kinda chasing your tail there, aren't you? To quote Tom Cruise, "You're getting dangerously close to the textbook definition of" a hater. You don't dislike her because of all the attention she garners. You don't like her just because you don't like her. Don't hide behind some thinly veiled excuse that doesn't even make sense.

AZZO45 said...

Hastings... WTF are you talking about??? Not CONSISTENT? She's 5TH in IRL points & ahead of her other 3 AGR mates!!! There is 16 other drivers LESS CONSISTENT than Danica.

You look like a whiny B*TCH bringing weak arguments like this... like Paul has said you hated her to begin with & you look to justify your dislike with trivial arguments (like the one posted(.

Anonymous said...

Ratings have gone way down since she got here. The sport is dying with her as the "centerpiece".

Let her go. Her "appeal" is vastly overrated.

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