Doornbos to HVM?

Well, Autoracing1.com has posted alot of rumors, but this one is pretty good and it's getting alot of play from ICS types.

AR1.com is running a rumor that HVM is preparing a car for Robert Doornbos of NHL Racing. Obviously, things have been rocky over at NHL Racing with reports that the relationship between Graham Rahal and Bobby D was frosty at best. Graham could be heard on TV during the Watkins Glen telecast complaining about his teammate blocking him.

We've heard all year long that Doornbos was tight on having the money to run the full season for NHL, and it makes sense that if he is low on money, HVM would be able to make it work for a little bit less dough. Let's not forget that Doornbos has history with Keith Wiggins. Doornbos ran for Minardi - Team USA in the Champ Car World Series which was partially owned by Wiggins.

Hell, if I were Doornbos, I'd be fed up playing second fiddle to Graham. It's quite obvious that Graham is getting the better equipment, and it must be tough for an older driver to see a younger budding star out shine him in what the public must think is equal cars.

If this is true, it would be the meeting of two financially strapped items. Both Doornbos and Mr. Wiggins are hurting for money, so hopefully this works out for them.

Obviously, this increases speculation that Sebastien Bourdais will be returning to NHL Racing, possibly in time for Mid-Ohio. If so, awesome. If not, there is no big loss here since we aren't losing any cars in the field.

Seeing Sebastien Bourdais running at Mid-Ohio would be amazing. That is the type of course he excels on, and it would be awesome to see him dicing it up with the Penske's and Ganassi's. Add to that, +1 car on the grid and it's a good situation for the depth of the field and the fans sitting at home.

I'm going to make a stop at the Gryphon tonight, and hopefully our good bartender can shed some light on this situation for us.


scuderiaconchiglia said...

Why is it "obvious" Graham is getting better equipment? It could be just as easily said that Robert is not doing as well in equal equipment.

Just sayin'...


Matt Chamois said...

Perhaps obvious is a little bit much, but, I think alot of signs point to Graham getting the better equipment.

Doornbos proved that he was superior to Rahal in CCWS, and now if Graham has improved, they'd be somewhere near equals. But, Doornbos just doesn't have the speed that Rahal has.

I think when you look at the fact that Rahal is NHL's future, and he is being paid to drive, while Doornbos is barely bringing in enough money to run the full season, Graham gets the money from the McDonald's sponsorship which is more then Bobby D is bringing in. If they are scraping by to get Doornbos through the season while making sure Graham has a competitive car, I would think, and results have proven so far, that Bobby D is getting the short end of the stick.

Perhaps its a situation of "you get what you pay for"?

Waxy said...

I hope this doesn't mean EJ will be out...if I don't get to stalk him in Joliet I will be heartbroken...

Anonymous said...

Doornbos is a vwanker, who thinks he is better then he is. He came in to Indy Car thinking he'd be something, and he has turned out to be a collosal bust, who can't get along with anyone.

And he has no business in any racing series with ovals in them.

He needs to go away for good.

Anonymous said...

Good, Bobby D just has to go to another team, he is way better then we can see.

Anonymous said...

Good find!! And here is a link to the official news.
Robert Leaves . Bobby D has left, and NHL has TBA on the official entrant list for Mid-Ohio. Any more news on his future or Seabass?

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