Bring Back Mears?

Alright, anyone who frequents this site will probably be terribly surprised by seeing me talk about a Nascab driver, especially when that Nascab driver is the main feature of the article. I know, I know, I thought twice about it but figure that his background in AOWR means it isn't as bad as if I was talking about Martin Truex Jr. or Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Hear me out here.

Mr. Mears only has a drive for the first 6 races of the 2010 Spint Cup Series, which brings him to Bristol Motor Speedway on March 21. Unless he gets some good results and his new team is able to find sponsorship to compete past Bristol, Casey will be looking for a ride.

Now I'm not going to suggest Casey returns to Indycars, because the odds are that no one would have the budget to run him. But Casey does have history in Indycars, and he has a relation to some old timer by the name of Rick Mears, who happened to be a decent driver back in the day for a certain Mr. Penske.

Casey has won in the old Indy Lights at Houston in October of 2000 and has run 8 races between the Indycar Series and the old CART so he has plenty of experience in open wheel cars.

He's an American and Nascrap has made him popular with the masses. People know who he is, and between his name and 92 Winston, Nextel, and Sprint Series starts make him a valuable asset to any race team.

And the best part is, come May, there is a good possibility he will be a free agent.

Casey Mears is a man who knows what Indianapolis means and I'm sure he would appreciate having a chance to win the Indy 500.

Come May, if someone can get Casey Mears into a Dallara for the Indianapolis 500, it would be a win-win for both the Izod Indycar Series, the Indianapolis 500, and Casey Mears.

Let's hope Casey realizes this possibility is too good to pass up, and let's hope maybe Roger Penske could field a fourth car at Indy (perhaps as a favor to Rick Mears) or atleast someone with a decent car can field a car for the American talent.


Anonymous said...

I'd break out an old Mears Gang T-shirt if he ran the 500!

Anonymous said...

While we're at it, why don't we get John Andretti to run a full IndyCar season? After all, he's got an even more famous name.

This is a bad idea. Even if Mears wanted to come to IndyCar, it's a bad idea. Your hypothesis seems to be that his NASCAR fans will follow him to Indy. There is no proof of that, and frankly if all you want is an American driver, there are many others with better resumes than Casey Mears. Bottom line, to me, this is something I hope doesn't happen. It's not in the best interests of IndyCar, in my eyes.

Matt Chamois said...

Alright, I see your point, but even if they don't follow him to Indianapolis, what about the average viewer that tunes into 2 races all year long, the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500? When they watch on ABC, they will not recognize Jonathan Summerton or J.R. Hildebrand, but they will recognize Casey Mears as having run the Daytona 500.

What about from a team owners perspective? It might be a hell of a lot easier to sell a second tier company to sponsor a Casey Mears, who they have probably heard of then a J.R. Hildebrand or a Jonathan Summerton.

And even if the Nascrap fans don't follow him over, will him racing in the Indy 500 HURT the Indy 500?

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that Casey's fans would follow him wherever he went, including to Indy. We may not be Junior Nation (maybe we're closer to the Saidheads!) but we believe in Casey and will continue to support him even if this ride with Keyed Up doesn't work out.

Anonymous said...

Your use of words like Nascab and Nascrap show that your nothing more than a stupid fan-boy blogger with a website.

I'm going to laugh my ass off when the IRL and the Indy 500 cease to exist, just like I laughed my ass off when CART and Champ Car both died.

The Speedgeek said...

Ahh, good times with the Anonymous Family.

I think this is actually a pretty good idea. Even if NASCAR fans didn't follow Casey over to IndyCars, the idea of getting him into the 500 is still solid. With some finagling, we could have an Andretti, a Foyt, a Mears, and if Just Al ever got rolling again, even an Unser back in the race. These four last names were all recognizable to and probably even recitable by 50% of the American population as recently as 20 years ago. People want names they remember. And it's not like Casey was a no hoper in an IndyCar. He was solid in his big car starts, and he certainly had the chops in Lights. As far as pie in the sky thinking goes, you could do a lot worse.

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