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For those of you complaining about the recent announcement that Bertrand Baguette will be running full time beginning at Barber in Alabama, time to stop. The European horse that traveled across the ocean you keep beating is now dead.

We get it already, you don't like that Bertrand Baguette from Belgium will be running the Izod Indycar Series when others like Paul Tracy, Buddy Rice, Graham Rahal, J.R. Hildebrand, Jonathan Summerton, and many other North Americans don't have full time rides confirmed at the moment.

However, given the option of adding a car to the field through Conquest Racing for Bertrand Baguette (champion of the 3.5-Litre Formula Renault 3.5 series, the same series Robert Kubica, Heikki Kovalainen, Franck Montagny twice, Ricardo Zonta, and Fernando Alonso won) while all these North Americans sit on the sidelines, or would you rather not have Bertrand Baguette adding a car to the series while all the North Americans sit on the sidelines.

I'd choose to add Baguette if I had the choice. Luckily some of you don't get to choose.

I'll tell you a secret though, if you really want to hear it.

Are you ready?

Can you handle it?

Alright, here it comes!

Bertrand Baguette is not taking a seat from an American driver. If he did not bring that cash from the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium to get a seat at Conquest, Eric Bachelart would had simply continued running 1 car for Mario Romancini, and the car count would had remained the same.

In fact, adding Baguette may in fact help the teams find sponsors in the long run that might help find permanent seats for Americans. The more cars you add, the more excitement you will see at the race tracks. That could hopefully mean slightly higher ratings. That could help teams land sponsors. That could put J.R. Hildebrand in a seat.

Point is, stop the moaning about adding a car. A few months ago a bunch of you were freaking about how we would be lucky to see 20 cars regularly. Now we add a car to the grid full time, and you complain about it? Figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...


redd said...

more cars. more drivers. more sponsors. more attention. better for everyone in the long run.

Unknown said...

More cars don't mean D*CK if the American race fan continues to support other race series! The IZOD Indycar Series is a AMERICAN based race series with barely any AMERICANS.

Eventually that has to be addressed (economic realities or not...)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Dean, but I can also see the point about adding another car. I want more American drivers as well as more ovals in this series. Until we have more American drivers, I honestly don't think we will attract a lot of new fans. It's a turn off when you watch an interview and you can't understand the driver. Or you hear Scott Dixon telling his crew "bloody good job". Give me a break. It all comes down to money. These drivers are able to bring money with them, that's why most of them are behind the wheel.

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