Engine Announcement Friday

The Izod Indycar Series has announced a press conference regarding manufacturer competition for 2012, at the IMS museum.

It is fair to say that this is the Chevy to Indy 2012 announcement, unless something new has come up, or Ford or FIAT has beaten Chevy to the punch and will announce something instead.

Keep your calendar's open on Friday, I'm not sure if it will be shown via the web, or if it is simply for local press.

Good news everyone, more then just Honda in 2012!!!


Anonymous said...

This should help make it more interesting on the track. Competition is good. Who ever comes in with a new engine, I hope it's as good as the Honda has been over the years. Watch nascab and you expect to see engines fail. When was the last time anyone has seen a Honda engine fail? I can't remember. Believe me, I try to buy American made product as much as I can...it get's harder and harder to find them. But I will give credit where credit is do. Honda makes one hell of a good engine. Just a little info some people might not have known. The last time Chevy had an engine in this series. It was actually the Ford cosworth engine with a Chevy stamp on it. Lets hope Ford comes to the table with a Ford engine, and Chevy comes to the table with a Chevy engine.

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