Bartender Rumors #8

The Bartender is back and has some rumors for all of you to digest once again. Actually, it is more I finally had the time to get out there while he was around, but I finally have done it. I'll try to make this more of a constant thing now that we are in season again.

- Junior Strous should end up at HVM during May as that was the main reason he withdrew from his contract with Moore Racing in the FIL series. HVM offered him a way into the Indycar Series this season, and specifically a ride at Indy.

- He seems pretty damn sure there will be a minimum of forty cars at Indy.

- Even though Vision has been silent, he says they will most likely run ovals this season, and to expect them at Kansas and Indy at a minimum.

- Team 3G's struggles last season is making it difficult to put anything together for this season. He says Indy will probably happen for them though. They managed to pull it off last season, so they should be able to do it this year.

- He says the owners are pushing for multiple chassis' in 2012 or 2013, whenever this finally happens.

- Apparently there are rumors that the IRL is pressuring Milka Duno to get out of the car, at least on road courses. Apparently someone approached her about becoming a team owner and using the CITGO money to run a younger more talented racer.

Alright, that is what I got out of him. Whether you think it is crazy or not, that is what I was told.

I took some flack last time I posted from a couple people so I am simply going to finish this with a disclaimer.

I have no actual connections to any Izod Indycar team members or drivers, I am simply the messenger for this crazy bartender. I'm simply passing this along to others who might enjoy having a good read. These could be true or false, but I don't pretend to know which way they go. If you don't enjoy what is said in these bartender rumors, then you should stop reading them.

Let me know what you guys think about these rumors, feel free to comment.


Gary Shell said...

I think you should just tell the folks who gave you flack that they should grow a pair or click the back button.

Allen Wedge said...

I think everyone is hoping that Milka rumor is true... It looks like they've already started giving her the Roth Black Flag treatment this season... only Roth didn't want to be an owner so he went home.

Matt Chamois said...

Gary, I agree, and I wish I could. At the time, it didn't feel like the best thing to do.

Imagine Milka taking her CITGO sponsorship and running a young American in the Indycar Series? She has a big enough budget, the problem is the driver. Take that budget and put it behind J.R. Hildebrand or Jonathan Summerton and she would be made a saint in Indycar circles.

Unknown said...

Yep, an American driver in a CITGO car, that would make ol' Chavez happy and keep the dollars coming for sure. I'd rather see CITGO just GO! The rest of the rumors are pretty cool. Junior Strous and HVM seem a good match. Bring that Shell money in there. I love the Freaky Deaky Dutch! Isn't that weird?!

Anonymous said...

Junior Strous makes sense...plus it'd be GREAT to see an Indycar decked out in a yellow Shell livery!

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