Swift #66

I haven't put much talk into the chassis debate coming up as everyone and their mother has beaten the topic to death. However, with the release of Swift's new #66 concept, I felt the need to share with everyone.

This car is freakin' fantastic!

It may be evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary, but boy could I see a bunch of those cars tearing it up at TMS or IMS or Long Beach with the Lola concept and the Dallara concept.

I have absolutely not problem seeing this exact car on track. No modifications whatsoever makes me a happy man with this concept.

If the ICONIC board were to come back to Randy Bernard and say something along the lines of, "Let's allow Swift, Dallara, Lola, and BAT to build their concepts and sell them on the open market", I would be quite alright with that.

I don't think that we should allow multiple chassis' and allow the Delta Wing project to join in with those multiple chassis. I think it would stick out like a sore thumb, and it would just seem wrong having the four evolutions racing against the one revolution.

If this car is able to compete with Lola and Dallara and even BAT (although I hate their design) I'd be quite happy.

What a sexy lookin' car.

Check out more pictures of the car here.


Darren said...

OMG!!!!! I think i'm in love!!!! Im a stong advocate of multiple chassis manufactures. However, i have no problem with this design having exclusivity!!! This is what i have been waiting for!!! WOW...AWESOME!!!!!

Matt Chamois said...

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves about exclusivity.

If the series goes the exclusivity route, then sure, let them take this one.

But I still think we shouldn't settle for a single chassis design. We've seen about 8 or 9 different concepts, let's see a bunch of them play ball.

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