A week ago we were waiting for confirmation from Robert Doornbos and NHLR announcing that Graham Rahal would actually have a teammate for 2009 in the IRL.

A couple of days ago, we were told to expect confirmation of Sebastien Bourdais securing the Toro Rosso seat, thus eliminating him from this crazy 3-car NHLR rumor (which I would had loved to see by the way).

Throughout the off-season, many of us expected to see D&R return with atleast one car, if not two, with basically the same driver line up.

As the mediocre Horatio Caine once said, "We are being detoured into the land of make-believe."

Well, maybe that wasn't the proper quote for this blog entry, and the title probably doesn't go all that well with the content provided for your reading pleasure, and it was a good excuse to use this fancy CSI logo my girlfriend made me (she is quite amazing by the way, incase she reads this). But the point I am trying to make is that we can't rule anything out in this time of economic uncertainty. Even a series that seems like it is going to pull through quite well in this time has some tricks up it's sleeve.

I am selfishly hoping that Bourdais does return the IRL, and that NHLR, or anyone for that matter can find the money to run him for the whole season. But chances are, we will be led around a little bit more before these confirmations come together.

"Bag it, tag it and let's see what else is there!"

Thanks Horatio.


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that is some fancy CSI logo

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