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Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come for me to venture into the world of American Open Wheel blog-a-thoning. Before I go any further in this first post, let me introduce myself to what will hopefully become my loyal readers.

My name is Matt Chamois, and you'll often (or always) see me posting under the name Chamoo on this blog, as well as other various AOWR forums and boards (Motorsport forums, Indycar.com Talkback, Champ Car Fanatics ect...). I enjoy sharing my views on all things motorsports and do my best to provide those that don't have the news the best information I have.

I grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario, and travelled to Mosport International Raceway with my father to watch the Atlantic races, Trans-Am races, Endurance races, ALMS races, FF races and the list goes on. Most saturday nights we'd go to the oval track and watch the saturday night races. That's where my passion for motorsports grew and prospered. I was turned onto CART by my father, listening to Paul Page and watching Paul Tracy and Jacques Villeneuve and Gil de Ferran and Greg Moore and Jimmy Vasser and Juan-Pablo Montoya.

As the split between the IRL and CART grew wider apart, I stayed true to CART and later CCWS. I always enjoyed road racing over oval racing, but thats not to say I do not like oval racing. I supported the CCWS until it's death/mergification, and unlike many other Champ Car fans, I decided to follow the Champ Car teams and drivers to the IRL, not because I wanted to see them squash the IRL teams and not because I liked the drivers coming over. I followed those teams and drivers going to the IRL because I have a love for American Open-Wheel Racing.

Hopefully, as readers, you will enjoy reading my opinions regarding the IRL and AOWR in general. You will come to see that I do hold a spot in my heart for the CCWS, and that is the main reason this blog is called The Other Side. However, please understand that I am just as much an IRL fan as the rest of you out there in cyberspace and that my CCWS connection will not turn you away from this blog.

I have also been invited by Kohl to join the UOWWB, so you will see my weekly responses to the UOWWB questions.

Anyways, I look forward to the coming weeks as I plan to have this site going full speed, as well as hopefully having a Silly Season page on here to help keep folks informed. Hope to have you all back on here in the future to share your opinions with me and we will try to have some fun in the process.


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