NHL All Star Game IRL Tidbits

In class at the moment, so I'll keep this one short.

Noticed a couple of things on the NHL All Star game broadcast that relate to the IRL.

- First of all, the game was broadcast on Versus in the US, just like the IRL will be broadcast in 2008.

- The majority of the players in the game were foreign, just like the IRL has been the last couple years. In fact, there were 4 americans who either were selected to the All Star game or played in it (due to injuries), one less then confirmed american drivers in the IRL this coming season.

- Versus began promotional work on for the IRL on Versus during the All-Star game telecast.

- Alexei Kovalev, the All-Star game MVP was awarded a Honda Ridgeline.

- There were probably more goals in this All-Star game then the race at Sonoma (which is also on Versus) will have passes in 2009.

Just a few things that caught my eye. I'll throw something else up soon, but I should probably pay attention in stats class.


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