Well with the recent news about Danicker's car being stolen (the finger puppets did it), and the clips being put out by AGR, I'm on the case to determine whether this happened or not.

Evidence #1

Well, this seems like a seemingly normal cell phone video of a cop and someone outside of the AGR shop. Clearly there is no evidence proving this is a fake, but no real evidence this isn't a setup either.

Evidence #2

Well this supposed surveillance video will show the car actually being taken out of the AGR shop and put into a trailer. However, it is a hell of a coincidence that the trailer was backed up to just the right spot so that it was pretty well centered in the picture. On top of that, the robbers didn't seem to have any issues getting into the shop or getting the car onto the trailer which you think would be a bit tricky for a bunch of crooks who have probably never loaded a ICS Dallara onto a trailer. But hell, if you really want, you can push this one and say that the stars lined up to make this all work for this video, sort of like what would have to happen for Danica to win without fuel strategy.

Evidence #3

Well considering this news cast looks very fake in the first place, and there is a pretty obvious edit near the beginning (let me know if you can find it), the baseball scores are a few days old. Since this is the newest video out there, you would think they would be last night or even todays scores, but they aren't. They are atleast 2 nights old. That, ontop of the fact that I can't find a station name anywhere on there, and that they call themselves Action News, leads me to believe this is a fake.

Anyways, it's not really my decision, what do crime stoppers have to say? Leave me some love in the comment section.


Tony Solorzano said...

To Quote South Park, "SHENANIGANS!!!"

You know the first two videos looked pretty legit, but the "surveillance footage" had me scratching my head at first for two reasons.

First, wouldn't a race team like Andretti-Green have at the very least, a secure compound, with a security fence separating the garage areas from any public access?

Second, wouldn't there be some type of security system or at the very least a monitored alarm system? They looked like the operation went WAY TOO fast not to be an inside job. Plus they got that car into the trailer awfully fast and didn't even bother to secure it inside the trailer. I've spent enough time in the pits of race tracks to know that any race car that is towed like that is ALWAYS secured before the trailer is closed up.

But when I saw the "News report" posting, I knew then it was a stunt. First things first, I don't know ANY TV station that uses a generic mike flag that says "Action News." They always have their channel number on the flag to identify the station, especially if the report is taken nationally.

I did a check on some of the scores and they ARE legit from Monday night, especially the 58-point beatdown that New Orleans suffered against Denver int he NBA playoffs, however, some of the scores were in the wrong places, like the Rays score being in the National League. Also, the "Reporter" couldn't be found on any of the TV station websites that list their news personnel, however she IS listed on the IMDB database as an Actor.

Nice try, Mario...

Kohl said...

I agree the first video had the perfect angle. I also found the weather to be misleading, I live close to that area and It was not sunny. AND it was much warmer than 62 degrees. No news channel would ever go through a whole story without mention of their name either. Said Kim Green
"I am disappointed that this video was leaked because it creates an unnecessary distraction as we prepare for the 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500. We are in contact with the individuals in the video and are making progress in getting the car returned prior to Opening Day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We have no further information to offer at this time and will provide additional details as they become available.”

And, how do you get into a fenced in complex. The shop has a large fence encircling it completely.

Pablo said...

*Reposting my comments from Jeff's site because I'm lazy*

So, here’s what I’m thinking... (sorry Meesh)
The initial cell phone clip at no point shows blue/red lights. This is a VERY expensive piece of machinery to... misplace. Where are the police? You have some flashes on the left side of the screen that appear to be blue lights but they're actually lens flare from the yellow lights from the security car. It’s possible that public service aids in that area use yellow and respond to non active burglaries or this is just a security guard. If it's a security guard, where was he when the car was stolen? It’s kinda hard to miss a trailer that large at O dark thirty in morning. I don't have audio on this pc so you'll have to fill me in if I missed anything that's said that may have any bearing. This was posted a week ago and we're just now really hearing about this?

The surveillance video is suspect in the differing fonts and artifact on the closing bracket "]" at the end of the timestamp. Naturally, what's also suspect is that the car is fully assembled and ready to roll. Also suspect is that the individuals involved know how to load a dallara on to a trailer, but never secure it before driving away. Now, the early press release on the AGR site made it seem as if this was an internal matter, and the ease of access seen in the video screams inside job, but why would insiders not strap the car down? A quick getaway is obviously vital but smashing your cargo in the process is a wee bit foolish. Unless of course that cargo will have new livery on it in a few days in a dual promo event for the airport as the Danicar is scheduled to shoot down a runway. But I’ve digressed here...

The news clip uses sports scores reported on 4/27. It was posted on the same youtube account as the leaked cell phone video on 4/28. Amanda Shalhoub is/was an assistant program director for Milwaukee public radio. No amount of googling revealed who action news is, and with no station identifier on the mic, I'm going with a cooked video for intraweb release.

After my massive waste of bandwidth here, I'm sure most of you want that minute of your life back since I agree that, as was already posted by other commenters, I smell PR stunt. Not a bad try, but in this information age, you need to be dead on accurate in what you do for these things if you don't want to get chuckled at. Still, I hope it works out for them. (They did get us talking about it) The clock is ticking to see if this makes it across the web with any sort of real momentum in time for the reveal.

@indycarbuzz I think they tried to make this a slowly developing story over the course of a week but it didn't really take off as hard as they hoped.

Sources: (thanks to everyone else that posted these)

Dave F. said...

I'm not arguing that this was real. It was probably a marketing stunt. But your logic is a bit flawed. Here are some points...

1. In the cell video, it's not a cop car. It's a private security company vehicle. Lights on top are white, not red and blue. Probably the same company that answered the alarm. This was posted over a week ago. I'm guessing it was an attempted break in that failed.

2. The surveillance video doesn't say anywhere that this is the entire video of the entire night. It could just be the most interesting sequence from a longer video.

3. Sports scores were the real scores from the night before. Those scores were from Monday night, the news video posted Tuesday AM. That said, no station ID anywhere is suspicious.

4. AGR does have a secure facility. There is a fence around it with a lock. Of course, I've never heard of thieves who could climb a fence, cut a lock, steal a trailer or car and get through an alarm. That could never happen, right?

5. The weather that AM was partial sunny with showers. That's about what it looks like to me in the news video. But your other points are definitely on... no news station ID, she is listed on IMDB. But she's also all over the internet as a freelance reporter for stations in Chicago, Milwaukee and Indy.


Probably a fake but not for many of the reasons stated here. Either way, a cool attempt at creating some buzz online. Better than another banner ad on Facebook....

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