Official Indianapolis 500-Mile Race Entry List Revealed

Ladies and Germs, the official list has been released by IMS and the IRL for the 93rd running for the Indy 500. Here is the Adobe file -> 93rd Indianapolis 500-Mile Race Entry List

In total, I counted 40 primary cars entered. However, the odds of some of them making an attempt are slim.

RLR has a car entered, but they've said they were having problems getting the funding for the 500 even.

Sarah Fisher has 67, 67T, and 68 entered. No T-car for the second entry.

Conquest, Dale Coyne both have two cars entered.

KVRT has entered 3 cars, Paul Tracy, Moraes, and TBA. TBA should either be Servia or Townsend Bell according to Cavin.

Roth Racing has two cars entered, however he is not listed as the driver. Both are TBA.

Team 3G only has 1 primary and T-car entered for Stanton Barrett, so you can assume Tomas will land elsewhere.

AJ Foyt has 3 primary/T-car combos entered

  1. 14 Vitor Meira - ABC Supply Co. - A.J. Foyt Enterprises
  2. 41 A.J. Foyt IV - ABC Supply/Foyt-Greer Racing - A.J. Foyt Enterprises
  3. 48 TBD - A.J. Foyt Racing - A.J. Foyt Enterprises

Dreyer & Reinbold have 23, 24, 43, 44 entered. 23 and 24 are TBD (Best guesses are Roger Yasukawa, Milka Duno, or Darren Manning) while John Andretti and Davey Hamilton are running the 43 and 44 respectively.

Vision has a third car under the Bryan Herta Motorsports banner. I hope Mr. Herta runs the car himself as it would be fun to watch, plus another American won't hurt.

I'm sort of hoping Sarah another girl to run her second car. I think that might be her best way to attract some sponsors as well, maybe throw Ana Beatriz into the car?

Anyways, don't expect all these cars to make it to the grid. Unless a miracle occurs, I wouldn't expect RLR to make it or one of the Roth Racing cars. Some people get it in their heads that because they see 40 primarys on the entry list, that 40 primary cars will attempt to qualify when that is barely ever the case. Whether we get 40 to attempt a run, or 35, it will still be a fun month at IMS for everyone involved.


bmnehls said...

as much as i would like to see sarah give Ana the drive, i don't think she is going to hand the car over to a rookie. Darren Manning looks like a safe bet for now.

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