Hemelgarn and HVM announce I500 drivers

Hemelgarn has apparently finalized a deal with Buddy Lazier for the I500, according to the FIL online broadcast of morning practice. Buddy drove for Hemelgarn last season at Indy, qualifying 32nd (on bump day if I recall) and finished 17th.

HVM will field a second car, a carbon-neutral car, for Nelson Philippe. Philippe is a former CCWS race winner at Australia. Philippe is an awesome person and a great personality. Some of you may recall over the off-season that the Philippe family was rumored to be buying the Roth Racing equipment to run the '09 season, but that never came together.

Indianapolis Rumors from Cavin.

  • Servia and Rice at RLR
  • Townsend Bell to the third KVRT car.

Other notes.

  • Terry Angstadt visits China to check out a possible new track. Has also been down to Brazil a few times lately. (per Cavin)
  • PDM is trying to run Jimmy Kite at the I500.
  • Sarah Fisher says her second entry into the 500 is basically dead as the deadline has passed.
  • Expect a possible second Z-Lines car at Indy from DCR, without Bruno at the helm.
  • Jason Tyner to be traded to A.J. Foyt Enterprises for the Month of May. In fact, the Detroit Tigers will pay A.J. Foyt to take him off their hands.


Brian said...

I haven't read Curt yet, but if I were Jimmy Vasser, I wouldn't hire Townsend Bell! Oh, my gosh! He's horrible! I'd get Oriol or Cristiano deMatta!

Matt Chamois said...

Well, Bell is supposedly bringing money to the effort, not sure what it is, but he is bringing money. And I'd rather see Servia or CDM there, but I think CDM's open wheel days are done after the Road America accident, and I think Servia has a better chance to land at RLR then KVRT.

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