Possible Driver Announcement on Friday at LB

I'm hearing from a couple of sources that there will be a Driver Announcement on Friday at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Details are slim at the moment, but there are whispers out there. Let me break what I know (which isn't much) down.

Possibility 1) This is just announcing Tomas Scheckter as the Team 3G second driver for the remainder of the year. I'd say this is 50% likely.

Possibility 2) Conquest announces a second car after merging with/hiring Rubicon Sports Agency. This is about 20% likely.

Possibility 3) One source has some connection to Paul Tracy and is leaving the door open for PT to be announced either full time or part time with someone. I'll put this one at about 15%.

Possibility 4) Someone that isn't even on the radar comes in and lands a ride somewhere, or Milka is announced for the ovals at D&R. Probability equals 8 percent.

Possibility 5) This is just all bull shit, and people are wrong. Maybe 7% for this one.

Personally, I'm hoping it is something about Paul Tracy however, however, any driver adding to the car count is a good announcement. Let's just hope we aren't being led astray like a blind fish.

Edit #1: Just a note, I believe this is seperate from anything related to Davey Hamilton formally announcing his Indy 500 ride at LB.

Edit #2: The more and more I hear about this, the more and more I want to say it will have to do with Paul Tracy. Up PT from 15% to 25% and drop Tomas Scheckter from 50% to 40%.

Edit #3 Monday: TSN in Canada is reporting PT will be in the 500 with KVRT and several other races.


Anonymous said...

Was this post written by a bot that rehashes old rumors and tosses in the words Paul Tracy?

Matt Chamois said...

No sir, this is 100% pure grade A stuff. I'm not sure if you noticed, but this post is not all about Paul Tracy.

bmw_williams_13 said...

Your source are correct my friend. Miller on Wind Tunnel said PT fans will be happy by end of the week. Hope it's a Long Beach deal for rest of the season.

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