I Just Watched Driven...

Over the christmas break, while I was shopping for my girlfriend, I saw Driven on sale for 4 dollars. I had never seen it, and I had heard bad things, but I figured it was an important film to watch for an AOWR fan.

I was wrong. It's just not good at all. It's horrible actually.

Everything from the terrible politics of a race team to the horrific crash scenes on tracks. And any CART fan from back in the day, and even some common viewers could tell that one race would feature scenes from multiple different tracks. There were patches of grass at the Toronto Molson Indy, seriously. I even noticed while they were racing around the German ROAD COURSE, that they were on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. If your wondering why I threw Road Course in caps, it is because Germany was an oval (unfortunately, the oval where Alex Zanardi had his accident).

Anyways, don't waste your time with this masterpiece of shit. It's terrible. Even Sly admitted this was a waste of his time. And I wish I could attribute some of CART's downfall to this movie, actually if you really wanted to, you probably can. I mean, it would had turned me off AOWR if I had seen it.

Anyways, a side note, this movie cost $72 million US to make, and grossed $36 million US. Maybe that is where CART's money went (just kidding, it was an independant film, and CART actually made money off it).

You'd think after spending $72 Million they'd probably have some better graphics, but the terrible crash scenes actually look like Playstation 1 images from the old CART game.

Anyways, don't waste your time, and go out and get Grand Prix if you are in need of a racing fix. Hell, too bad someone can't do a film like that these days about the IRL.


Allen Wedge said...

Man, thanks for posting that video. I haven't seen that movie since...well I'm not even sure. I mean I remembered it being bad, but forgot just how bad it was, hehe.

I'm not sure I can truly pick a favorite part just from the wrecks alone; maybe the car in mid air with an entire field driving under him at full speed while he's still in slow motion; or the car that coasts into the tire barrier yet somehow manages to explode and fly into the air anyway... (I'm reminded of the horse racing scene in Family Guy where the horse explodes after a crash)

Good news, move-wise, it sounds like the movie about the original Indy 500 is moving ahead (last I heard it had actual monetary backers and working on contractors to build a replica original IMS).

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