The Other Side Poll - 2009 I500 Starters

I posted the question to my loyal yet vote lacking readers. Thanks to those of you who voted. I'd like to try and get some more votes to make these a little more interesting.

How Many Cars Will Attempt To Qualify For The 2009 Indy

Those of you that voted, many of you voted for either 36 or 38 cars to visit on qualifying day. Obviously this poll has as much importance as a tit on a nun, but it is still interesting to see what you guys are thinking. It's odd because 2008 saw 37 cars attempt to run in the only 500 on the schedule. So maybe you are following the post-bimergification trend and going with that number, or your simply pulling a number out of your rear end, but either way, this number sounds about right.

There will be about 23 or 24 cars on the starting grid in 2009 for the average ICS race, with 26 last year the norm. So we could probably say there will be one or two less cars attempt to qualify. Makes sense, but we could also see some more one-car entries with the larger interest post-merger. It's really a gamble on guessing the exact number.

Anyways, I'll guarentee we see more then 33 cars attempt to qualify which is what matters.

Anyways, the question for this week (if you care) is as follows.

Who will be the top non-Big 3 team in 2009?

Hopefully you guys throw up your opinions in the comments section as well as on the actual poll.


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