Someone Grew A Set

Has anyone else noticed the Indycar.com has gotten a little frisky in the last couple of weeks? Maybe it's just me, but it seems like they've gone from posting puff pieces to taking shots at various different organizations and people, as well as controlling the usual IRL news. Hell, during the season they'd post the results and the odd puff piece in between events to keep the readers informed. Now they are posting IRL driver and team news and ficticious emails and jokes.

Let me back track for a minute here.

Just Sign Here

Tale of the Tape

Where's the Tat

Maybe they have been posting this risky stuff for a while, but I have just caught it. Maybe Dave Lewandowski (I do enjoy most of his articles by the way) at Indycar.com is getting a little bored waiting for the season to start like the rest of us and is just having a little fun.

But taking shots at Gay-Rod, Mad Max, and Katie Couric (can't come up with anything good for her, I'm dissapointed) should be left to the IRL bloggers around the internet, because we don't have to seem professional in our writing. It's not our job, we actually sometimes enjoy being unprofessional in our online opinions. But the IRL should be going out of it's way to stay professional in practice and appearance, and taking shots at big name celebrities doesn't do that.

I can understand they are trying to cash in on the hot news items via google searches and such, which is a good idea. But when visitors are led to the specific page regarding the previously named celebrities, the odds of the IRL and ICS looking like a organization worth putting sometime into enjoying are slim.

On top of that, we shouldn't be making enemies with celebrities and powers superior to us. We should be playing nice with the FIA until we grow a bit more, not piss them off. We could be biting off more then we can chew. We are lucky the FIA doesn't want to waste their time with us at the moment or Max and Bernie could probably go out of their way to make our lives hell.

Anyways, just a quick little observation of the IRL website. I like the odd laugh on there, but this is a little bit too much.


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