Test, Test, Test

IRL testing is getting underway today as the FIL rookies take to the track. FIL and ICS are hitting the track tomorrow, and on wednesday the ICS cars will be the only ones out there.

It's about time isn't it? Wow, it's been about 5 months of sitting around on a computer following rumors and stories just to get a taste. I'm happy we are finally going to see some cars on track... Oh, thats right, they aren't showing any of the testing this year on the website. That's cool. I mean, it would be a good way to give the fans a little bit of something extra. All they would need is 2 or 3 cameras. It doesn't have to be the best coverage. But whatever, it's all good. AOWR is kicking back into gear and racing is just around the corner.

The best news is that we are at 22 cars at the moment. The test entry list is out and it seems that we have all the usual suspects we expected to have. DCR has two cars, as can be expected from him. KVRT, HVM, D&R, Conquest, AJF, Curb/Aga/3G, VISION, Luczo, and Panther are all one car teams at the moment. Obviously we expected most of these to be one car teams, but I threw Vision in caps because I am not happy they are a one car team, but that's for another entry. Anyways, I guess there is still the possibility of KVRT, HVM, D&R, Conquest, and Vision (I guess throw in Panther, but they have been silent lately) adding a second car. And we have to remember that Tomas Scheckter still has to land somewhere, and chances are it will be a current 1 car team, so we can probably add one more full time car somewhere for sure. And who knows what Rubicon will do.

So I'm thinkin' we are at a minimum of 23 full-time cars for '09, probably with a maximum of 25 full time cars. Throw in SFR at certain tracks and we might see 26 once or twice (asides from Indy). I'd be happy with that, and you should be too. Especially if it's HVM and KVRT that add RHR and PT, that would make my day. Unfortunately, I think Servia is screwed for '09 asides from Indy.

Anyways, tomorrow will give us a good idea of where we'll be driver/team pairing-wise for the '09 season, as it's assumed DCR will announce Justin Wilson and a second driver, which would be a record for Dale Coyne for soonest driver announcements. Also, it should confirm Milka Duno in the 3rd NHL car for '09.

Anyways, I can't wait. I'm going to find the T&S for the FIL testing today. I believe they should be on track now, so it will give me something to do while I sit through class miserably.


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