Kudos to Robin Miller

You know, Robin Miller catches a lot of crap from American Open Wheel Racing fans. I know just about every CCWS fan didn't think he was any good for AOWR, and most IRL don't fancy him either. People come to think that anything posted by Robin Miller is trash and just ignore it, or tear it apart. Hell, go to any motorsports forum after a new RM article is posted on the Speedtv.com page. People are tearing it apart and there are few believers of what he says whether it is positive or negative.

Personally I like Robin Millers work. He has been around the sport much longer then I have been and knows more then most of us do. I read his mailbag every week and enjoy doing so, and usually get angered when he is late with his weekly posting. I wish there was some way to add his work to my sidebar under IRL blogs, but either way, it's safe to say I enjoy his writing and reporting.

But this little posting isn't all about giving Robin Miller a pat on the head for a good day of work. It's more then that.

Some of you just look at the articles, which is all good. But when you stop to think about it, every single time there is a new story on the SpeedTV.com website written by Robin Miller, people talk. Whether they talk positively or negatively about the article, they talk. Even us bloggers usually follow his lead and give our opinions on his recent subject.

Lets stop for a second, and imagine a world where there was no Robin Miller. Asides from Curt Cavin (who also does a wonderful daily Q&A), there aren't a whole lot of people reporting on the IRL or AOWR in general. What would us fans have to talk about in the off-season? Or what about the month of May during Qualifying? How about those AGR team meetings? Would Speed ever even mention AOWR if RM wasn't a guest on Speed Report or Wind Tunnel?

What I'm trying to say is, Robin Miller helps keep the IRL on the map over the off-season. And whether his stories are factual reports, false reports, or simply rumors, people talk about his work over the off-season no matter the situation, and that can only be a good thing. With the lack of IRL promotion in the off-season, we need someone who cares about AOWR to help keep it on the map for us die-hards in the off-season (and for that matter, throughout the season). And we all know that the IRL usually only puts out fluff pieces, whereas atleast RM takes some shots and gives us something to get passionate about.

Let's face it, the off-season minus RM would be much less barable then it already is. I'm happy we have him reporting on the IRL for us, and I hope whether you enjoy his work or not, you all do too.


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