Bartender Rumors #2

Well I went back to the pub last night in hopes that our former IRL team member would be tending the bar again, and well, he definately was. He said he checked out the blog and saw what he told me on the blog and laughed. Anyways, he said he'll keep feeding me the goods as long as I keep leaving him a nice tip, which I think I can do. He also told me he likes seeing his stuff online.

Anyways, I picked up his hours for the next two weeks so I can head in there a few times to get some news. Anyways, here's what he gave me last night.
  • Rahal-Letterman Racing would return to Indianapolis this year for sure (confirmed this morning with Servia landing the ride).
  • He says Patron is very impressed with Panther Racing level of professionalism. He says Patron has three options for 2010, they will either start their own ICS team, not join, or they will stay on board with Panther. It all depends on what Sharp does this year at Indy, and how much air time they get during the race.
  • Takuma Sato is basically guarenteed a ride at Motegi with someone. Honda is already putting together a pit crew of ALMS guys to work on his car that weekend.
  • Jacques Lazier is basically set for Indy this year.
  • PDM Racing likely won't be at Indy. They were trying to get Jimmy Kite into their car for the second week but they are running out of time fast.
  • Rubicon has plans for a second week entry (Conquest's second car) only if Buddy Rice can't find a ride.

So there you go, take it or leave it, but I've got them all written down on this napkin here beside me. I'll head back on friday or saturday, maybe Saturday incase he has some opinions on qualifying.

Feel free to discuss his news in the comments section.


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