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Alright, well last week, I asked which One-Off driver would qualify the highest for the big show, and, well, most of you were wrong. I picked Alex Lloyd, along with one other person. And to think, I'm last place in the UOWWB Indycar Fantasy league, someone must be cheating.

A whole bunch of you chose PT and Scott Sharp, which weren't bad ideas, except PT had a rough time of it on Pole Day, while Scott Sharps crew were probably liquored up from all that Patron and maybe Mr. Sharp himself was as well. Who knows, but, maybe that attributed to Scott's crash?

Anyways, Pink Lloyd took the show grabbing the last spot on pole day sitting 11th. Hopefully we'll have better luck guessing this weeks answer.

How many cars will be bumped on bump day?

Scroll down a bit, and on the right you'll see the poll. Make sure you vote this week, there could be a prize awarded?


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