Day of Truth

Well, today is the last day before the final qualifying days at Indy take place. As of now, we are short on cars, to make bump day exciting anyways, but rumors are flying around about potential drivers and teams and different combinations and such.

The worse offender in all this has been Tomas Scheckter who has been rumored to go to 1 team (Team 3G) about 3 times now in different circumstances, and rumored to be in cars at 3 other teams (Conquest, Dale Coyne, A.J. Foyt Enterprises) for the 500-Mile race. Finally, it seems he has landed at Coynes growing (in performance, not size) operation. He has brought a sponsor to the fold, however, no one really knows who that sponsor is since there has been no mention of it yet.

16th and Georgetown has heard rumors Buddy Rice either has or is close to sponsorship to lock up a ride in the 500 which would boost the car count for qualifying and bump day up a bit more.

On top of Tomas Scheckter, we also have a minimum 3 other guys running 2nd week engine packages. These include, T. Bell, Indy 500 Champ Buddy Lazier, and super-sub Oriol Servia. Servia and Bell jumped into the cars yesterday and ran fast while Lazier is taking a bit longer getting up to speed in the older Hemelgarn ride. Townsend and Oriol both have the luxury of jumping into well prepared cars for teams who have either done well or are doing well in Rahal-Letterman and KVRT.

If we don't see the cars by today, or hear news about someone hopping in a car tomorrow for qualifying day practice or bump day practice, I doubt we will see the cars. Hopefully we get a couple more because right now we are stuck on 13 driver/car combo's trying to qualify for the final 11 spots. Hopefully A.J. Foyt throws Jeff Simmons or someone in his third entry and has them bump Milka out or something like that to up the field.


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