Tagliani to Conquest #36

Bye-Bye Bruno. Alex Tagliani is taking your spot in the number 36 car for the I500. It is being confirmed by everyone and their brother almost that the unluckiest guy and maybe stupidest team from bump day will still be running their main man in the big race.

Bruno Junqueira is being replaced by Alex Tagliani in the Conquest #36 car.

I'm not sure which sponsors will be on the car, probably a mix of the #34 and #36 car sponsors, but, I would be mighty pissed if I were All Sport and I were not on a car. Maybe this gives more meaning to the phrase "coming back from the dead" for the King Tut car of Tags?

I'm not sure what to think of this. I personally have grown a bit upset with Bruno the way he treated Dale Coynes men last year, however, I admire that he dug around and found sponsorship, or atleast got into a car when a team found sponsorship. His hardwork made me like him a bit more again. However, I'm happy to see Tags in the 500 now, even after his team screwed up by not getting him in the show in the first place, but I'm sad to see it's happening this way. Not sure how to react to this one as a fan or a Canadian.

Give me your thoughts on this. I want to know how to be cool, so I'll react like you folks do.


S said...

Honestly I'm torn. Really wish both Tag and Junky could be in the show, but what a screw up by Conquest. I was at the track and it was pretty clear by 5 pm that Tag should withdraw and up his speed like almost all of the other third day qualifiers. Bruno was gracious about stepping aside, even though he made it clear it was in the contract. Ultimately, Bruno has the experiece at Indy but the team has a lot more invested in Tag. Argh, why couldn't Milka just be 1 mph slower. Incidentally, she runs the worst line around the track of anyone I've ever seen. It looks much worse in person than on TV.

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