Pink Lloyd or Pink Panther?

Kaaveh Akbari, Director of PR for Sam Schmidt Motorsports, got a bit of a surprise yesterday just before he left for home. After qualifying on the first day, bumping into the first 11 near the last minute, Pink Lloyd must had been feeling pretty good. He was qualified for his second Indy 500 and had some time to relax without worrying if he'd be in the field. Apparently, this is how he relax's.

Well, safe to say, Mr. Akbari was none to pleased. As you can tell from the youtube clip, he plans on getting back at the "Her" driver. I suggested buying some pink lingerie and replacing his firesuit with the lingerie, but I don't know how that would go down. Leave your ideas to get back at the Pink Panther in the comments section and I'll pass the best ones along to D&R's PR man, and see if we can have a bit of fun.


Anonymous said...

easy, set up Lloyd for interviews, typical leading up to the 500. Say they want him to speak to a group of women writters regarding the "Her's" product line. When he enters, you bring in a bunch of overweight guys / girls in pink lingerie to stand with Alex at the start of this, all of them holding the Her's drink before such presentation. Have Alex pose for pictures with these people that are doing a Her's weight loss challenge maybe and give him some "tough" questions to answer that could be awkward for the young driver.

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