One KVRT Car, Until 500 Anyways

Well, according to the article on Indycar.com it sounds like KVRT is starting the year with one car.

"He's still young and learning a lot, but we were impressed with him last year,"
said Vasser, who is hopeful that he and co-owner Kevin Kalkhoven will assemble to funding to add a second car to the grid starting with the 93rd Indianapolis 500. "When you can be on par with or quicker than Bruno Junqueira on a road course, that's saying something. And he was really getting racy on the last few ovals and he's still on a steep learning curve. He's doing a great job."

So I guess we can count on one car from them for sure for the first three races, and hope that they get either PT or Servia (or another ride buyer) into the second car from Indy on. Maybe they are hoping their second car wins the 500 so they can use that money to run 2 cars the rest of the year?

I am still in awe of how Kalkhoven can run only one car when he is a friggen billionaire. I guess he and Tony could team up and run a team, then we'd have two rich guys run a car each, and they would still never win.


Anonymous said...

Well, in Kalkhoven's defense, his billion may have shrunk considerably with the global economic meltdown. He's likely only a multi-millionaire nowadays.

Matt Chamois said...

That's true, so two multi-millionaires and 2 cars? Kalkhoven probably spends more on Airplanes then his race team. He can't make money off airplanes.

Anonymous said...

I finally had time to check your blog that you were advertising during testing. It's pretty good and I'll probably make it one of the sites I check out during boring classes. I still want to know where all the middle eastern oil guys are. One is already involved in NHRA, so maybe they are just now starting to make their way stateside for some racing.

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