Bartender Rumors #3

After a tiring hard long weekend (yes, up north was a nice long weekend for us Canucks) refereeing some minor lacrosse, I needed to head to the pub to down a beer or two. I figured I might as well head down to the Gryphon and hope for my trusty bartender to be in. Unfortunately, he wasn't, but that didn't stop me from dulling the pain in my legs.

Anyways, I found out he was working last night, so simply out of curiousity I went down there and spoke to the man for a little while and shot the breeze with him about the IRL and Indy. He said he used to work with Tags and says he probably feels the worst out of any one that he had to take Bruno's seat. But he did give out a couple more rumors for the trusty readers, and he also confirmed one. He is getting a little crazy, think he might had been poppin' back a couple root beers behind the bar on his break.
  • Dale Coyne is very happy that he and Scheckter were able to put a deal together. Apparently, they are both working trying to get the rest of the season secured. Dale is trying to talk Rockstar back into hopping on board with Tomas. A good result will most likely get Tomas a Rockstar/Z-Lines/Sonny's car for the rest of the season.
  • He says Target Chip Ganassi is already signed on to run the VW engines if/once they enter the ICS. VW wants a top team and they promised big money for TCGR to run their engines. He says they are trying to grab another top team too, but they haven't settled an agreement with anyone.
  • He confirmed Paul Tracy's participation in the two Canadian events. He says they are close with Geico on some other key American races, mostlikely Chicagoland and Texas.
  • NHL Racing is working very hard on finding the sponsorship for Sebastien Bourdais for the rest of the season. If he gets let go from Toro Rosso, there might be some Red Bull money available for him.
  • Unfortunately, unless Will Power does something miraculous at the I500, he is pretty well done for this season. Maybe one or two other races, but that is it apparently.
  • Without the Herbalife sponsorship HVM signed for Indy and beyond, Keith Wiggins and his new partner didn't think they'd make it through the season.

Anyways, like I said in earlier versions, I don't know how much to think about these rumors, but a few of the things he has said have come to fruition, and he has told me a couple things the night before they have been announced (Servia and Tracy). Make what you will of it, but some of them make sense.

Let me know what you guys think about this stuff in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Interesting I had no idea VW was that close to making a firm commitment.

Matt Chamois said...

Neither did I. That's the one I thought was pretty far out there.

Allen said...

None of them are like over the top shocking, I can see them all happening; VW one would be most shocking simply as we've not heard much on the engine front. Glad to hear them all though, good news all around generally.

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