Being Ed Carpenter's Teammate...

Is not a good idea, not the last couple of years anyways at Indy.

It's safe to say A.J. Foyt IV begged Facebook.com to let him start the fan page for Not Being On Fire after being set on fire twice during the Month of May, once during a crash, and once during a refuelling accident in pit lane. Then once he got to the race, he had a forgettable one, finishing 21st, 20 laps down, the last of any cars running at the finish. Safe to say he would had liked to had been elsewhere last year, probably somewhere he couldn't catch fire.

And now this year, Ed Carpenter's new teammate Ryan Hunter-Reay, who has started the season strong with a second place finish in the season opener and a decent result at LB, gets the distinction of being the first driver to hit the wall during the Month of May. Ryan lost the back end at speed coming out of turn 2. These things happen, but when interviewed afterwards, his body language spelt p-i-s-s-e-d o-f-f! He says something broke in the back right which caused him to go around. Not the best way to start the month.

Now there is plenty of time for Ryan Hunter-Reay to turn his luck around, but as of now, Ed Carpenter seems to be his teammates Kryptonite of late. Maybe Davey Hamilton knew something when he took his sponsorship to Dreyer & Reinbold this year.


Mark in Oshawa said...

You having an issue with Ed? IT is somehow HIS Fault all his teammates keep eating Concrete and Safer Barrier as part of their diet?

Matt Chamois said...

No issue with Ed, aside from his lack of talent on the road courses. Just think it's a bit funny how Ed seems to get some good fortunes, safety-wise, anyways compared to his teammates.

Nothing personal, just a coincidence more then anything.

Brian said...

Ed, like other slow drivers of present and past, don't drive fast enough, push hard enough, to crash like a real racer tryin' to go fast. Ed is a driver while the guys at the front are racers.

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