RM, You're A Bad Boy

Robin Miller, I am thinking you're going to be in a bit of trouble for this one. Same with Bruce Martin. I think you two both might had done something not good today. Either someone fucked with you, or you fucked with someone else pretty poorly. Either way, you guys are going to take the fall for all of this I would believe.

Unfortunately, many people will no longer believe what either of you post. This isn't your run of the mill, "Conquest to run 2 cars in China" rumor, this is much bigger then that. You put out a story about someone losing their jobs, that someone is probably the most powerful man in American Open Wheel Racing. Something tells me that might have a little bit of backlash to it.

Either way, if you can't tell by now already, Tony George is still the CEO of IMSC. Now he is trying his best to subdue rumors he has either been removed from power or will be removed from power in the next couple of days or weeks.

Is TG still the big boss at IMS? Yes

Will TG still be the big boss in the near future at IMS? We aren't as sure as we were before.

If your a fan of what TG has done and were upset he was ousted from IMS, then be happy because he is still around. If you hate TG for what he has done in the past with AOWR, and were happy he was no longer in power at IMS, then be sad, you still have to put up with the man.


Kohl said...

May god have mercy on Robin Millers soul should I ever meet him! You don't mess with the TONY!!!

Gary said...

The fat lady still hasn't sung the aria guys. Read the press release and quotes from Mari Hulman George. Changes are afoot. She made it clear the family thinks he needs to concentrate on one of the two jobs. And the way I read it that job was running the IRL.

Matt Chamois said...

Gary, you're probably right. They don't seem like a particularily happy bunch. He might not had been fired, but in the interview with one of the local news stations, TG picked his words relatively carefully. I think the first thing to go is Vision. Maybe Ed Carpenter takes the reigns from Tony after the season.

Brian said...

I agree that changes are probably afoot if Tony's sisters and his mother, board members and chairwoman or IMS are unhappy with Tony dividing his time and spending money on his series and team like they're going outta style.

I'd wish for TG to stay on top o' the Speedway that he cherishes and get a real pro to helm his two race series.

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